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Our ultimate objective is to optimize your research results. Our innovative ideas enable us to go beyond standard market research. We hold ourselves to a high standard to establish effective relationships that will provide long term benefits for you, our client.

Data Security

Security Assurance Department at BRG is to ensure the quality of the data we collect.

Quality Practices

At BRG, we know that quality is the most important commodity we can offer our clients.

In Depth Analysis

The Analysis Department offers you a wide variety of statistical procedures and the documentation behind it.


In every case, BRG provides you with not only the answers you need, but also the documentation behind it.


We pride ourselves in our adaptability. While we are collecting and analyzing your data in whatever method best fits your needs, you can expect daily reporting on the progress of your project from your project director.

BRG offers a wide variety of techniques to collect your data. Some of our established data collection methodologies include the following

Our team

Just want to make sure you know, BRG IS NOT A TELEMARKETING COMPANY, we conduct research and we are exempt from the FTC rules governing the Do Not Call Registry. Now carry on and read about us.

Luis Carter
Luis Carter


Phone (801) 705-5300

Eddie Traxler


Phone (801) 705-5300

Aaron Lundy

Project Director

Phone (801) 705-5300

April Nunez

Project Manager

Phone (801) 705-5300

Cheramie Child

Human Resources

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Frequently asked questions

BRG IS NOT A TELEMARKETING COMPANY, we conduct research and we are exempt from the FTC rules governing the Do Not Call Registry. If you just received a phone call and would like to be placed on our Do Not Call Registry you are welcome to scroll down to the last item on this list and enter your number.
Most types of opinion and marketing research studies are exempt under the law that congress recently passed. That law was passed to regulate the activities of the telemarketing industry. This is a legitimate research call. Your opinions count!
As researchers, we simply want to ask your opinions about products and services you use. Telemarketers attempt to sell you something.
No. I'm simply interested in your opinions. Legitimate opinion and marketing researchers will never try to sell you anything.
Congress has exempted marketing research studies from the laws that regulate telemarketers because they recognize the value of your opinions. Your opinions are important to us. BRG Research Services holds an exempt certificate from the federal registry, as such, we are permitted to call your household to conduct market research projects. However, we maintain our own Do Not Call Registry and would be happy to add your number to this registry.
Please add my phone number to your list.